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Unknown Location - August 2015

Punctual and courteous, but left an absolute mess, poor quality putty fitting around the windows, very very expensive, some damage done to the house while they were fitting the windows. They broke a curtain pole. The salesman said they would take the blinds and curtains down but out them back up for me at the end. The fitters made a big fuss of taking them down and refused to put them back up.

A year of hounding from the sales team, but no response to my complaint.

South shields, Tyne and wear - August 2015

Full double glazing - windows and front door.

Having inspected the product and listened to the salesman's promises I felt confident that I had chosen the right installers, even though the price (£10,000) seemed somewhat steep.

A couple of weeks post installation my sitting room flooded due to heavy leakage through the rear dorma windows also causing damage to the ceiling.

A builder friend of mine came round at short notice to check where the leakage was coming from and he identified cracked roof tiles and incorrectly installed cladding (soffits?) and damaged lead flashing.

I spoke to "Wallace" at their Kingston Park branch and he informed me that they would send a plasterer and decorator round to repair the damage but as their sub-contractor is at fault I have "no chance" of any financial compensation with regards to the £10,000 spent.

In my opinion this is not acceptable and would not use this company again.

Wallsend, Tyne and wear - July 2015

Brilliant project and the work was good! Lads were punctual and courteous. The work was completed in 6 days and I am over the moon with the final job.

North shields, Tyne and wear - July 2015

Old bathroom taken out and new one put in. All new tiles and floor. Workmanship was spot on as was punctual arrival everyday and even worked late . Very polite workers. Work was started 6th July 2015.

Unknown Location - July 2015

Work was done very well, workmanship good. Punctual (but we are in Alnwick also had other job on) ok. Very courteous and work was completed to a good standard. Would definitely recommend and we are repeat customers.

Alnwick, Northumberland - July 2015

I really wish I had done more research into this company before I spent over £10000 on my kitchen. I had it fitted nearly 2 years ago and im still waiting for the certificate off the gas fitter I gave up ringing and emailing for it I got a fitter to sign it off myself. I do not have the time or energy to write all tht went wrong but belive me from wrong panel's being sent to plumbers turning up after 9pm wanting to drill holes outside my house it all happend im still waiting on cap covers for the hundreds of screw heads inside cupboards gave up asking for them too. Also my worktops that are supposed to be stain proof scratch proof are already needing renewed that's with chop boards all over them. I would advise anyone to stay well clear of kitchens plus.

Hebburn, Tyne and wear - June 2015

I wish I had read up on this company before I went ahead with a fitted bedroom. A lot of the things we have read relate to me and my partner having the same problems. I could give you war and peace on this but I can't be bothered. I've had enough. Late delivery of items, poor workmanship, poor communication. Even after I had to get another firm in to rectify an insecure wall, which cost me extra. Initially they agreed to compensate me by taking it from the fitter who did the job. Now they say they can't do that. So I have been to their showroom and paid the bill in full, however I will be sending the bill, along a video taken by the firm who rectified the moving wall to see if the manager has any sympathy. I will put up the result on this site. Finally I must say the finished product is very nice but it is tainted by the above.

Washington, Tyne and wear - June 2015

I arranged for a fitter to give me an estimate for both the family bathroom and my en suite. We agreed the basic design but I had to go to the showroom to choose everything I wanted before they could give me a price. The plan he did for the en suite was totally different to what he had measured for and the size of the furniture, to me did not fit although he was adamant it would. I went along with what he said as he was so adamant but on my return home I measured the en suite myself and found that if I went with his design, the full sink unit would be sitting on my bed in the adjoining room. I called to talk to the designer but he was not available so left my number, I subsequently called twice again and promised a call back. This was weeks ago and I'm still waiting, however I did receive a call from a lady asking if and when I wanted to go ahead with the work. I explained the situation to her, there were no apologies at all just asking if I wanted a different person to come back out and measure up. I of course said no, as if this is the service you received before they even start the work, I dread to think what it would be like afterwards and how much out of pocket I would have been if I had listed to him without taking action myself.

Newcastle upon tyne, - June 2015

Saw an advert for kitchens plus that said 3 years interest free, also heard from a friend that one of her friends had her kitchen installed by Kitchens plus and was paying interest free over three years. So I called the showroom (I think it was the Gateshead store) and a man answered the phone; I asked him about the 3 year interest free period and was told there would be a fee for this, so I said so then it is not interest free to which he replied rather tetchily that "Nothing in this life is free" well no, not the kitchen either I would be paying whatever the kitchen cost but expected to pay over free years interest free as per your advert!

I should have probably just left it there after this but agreed for one of their guys to come round to measure my kitchen and give me a quote. They guy came round at 3.30 pm as planned, gave me a ridiculously long spcheel whereby I got the history of the company, he slagged off B&Q, Teqaz etc showed me quotes from them for other people and ripped them to shreds. He was still at my house by 5.30 at which point I told him he would have to wrap up as I had plans and was going out, so I got my cost, please bear in mind the sign outside the showroom says kitchens from £2495 and I live in a flat so therefore have a small kitchen I was quoted, wait for it ............ in excess of £16,000!!! Ha ha. But if I signed on the say I got some generous bonus of £3k off so worked out at around £13.5k still a joke, I obviously did not go for this and the sales guy pressured me saying so what you're happy to loose out on 3k discount?? really? I had to remind him again I wanted him to leave as I had other plans and he had already been here 2 hours. I also got a price for my (small) bathroom, which was 11k. 27 thousand pounds in total. Laughable really and a complete was of 3 hours of my life having them in my flat pressurising me and slagging other companies off.

never again.

Newcastle upon tyne, - May 2015

New bathroom with walk-in shower installed on 29th April to 11th May, 2015.

First rate materials installed by a top class fitter who seemed to be a master of all the skills required. Very nice man who arrived punctually at 8:15AM every day of the fitting.

Job delayed slightly owing to the Bank Holiday and one or two unforeseen snags but an absolutely beautiful bathroom was the result

North shields, Tyne and wear - April 2015

A year later and guess what still no replacement toilet seat and no contact from the company!

Guess we are never going to it!

Newcastle upon tyne, - March 2015

From the day we visited the sales department to completion, this company were first class.

The did a full bathroom and a cloakroom toilet, and it certainly has the WOW factor.

One of the bonuses was a great bathroom fitter, Craig, who was an unbelievable worker. Nothing was a problem.

I have no hesitation in recommending Kitchens plus

Sunderland, - March 2015

Please, please, please if you are thinking of buying a kitchen stay well clear of this company. We ordered a kitchen and it was delivered on 15th September 2014. The fitter who we can't fault removed the old kitchen which he didn't know he had to do (great start) and started to install our new kitchen. The next day after the carcass was installed I noticed they had delivered a completely different kitchen to the one we ordered. Ours was to come from Italy, this cheaper version was from Browns at Cramlington and a totally different colour. After telling Kitchens plus what they had done, and them blaming the poor girls in the office, we had to wait a further 3 weeks for all the doors to be delivered, after they asked us could we change the hardwood flooring to match the kitchen...bizzare!!!! When they were fitted, 2 of them were too short, so had to be re-ordered. Another 3/4 weeks down the line they were delivered only to be short again. The granite came and was faulty, so we complained and they replaced it a 2nd time and low and behold that was faulty too. After complaining again, that was eventually replaced..The tap is another story. That was fitted back to front and the plumbing was absolutely disgraceful. the wast pipe ran up (yes up) can you believe. Anyway the tap failed and squirted water all over (not what you want from a £400 tap). that was replaced and would you just know happened again. Now we have a third tap and even then I have had to pay my own plumber to come and fix it after the shaft it was fitted on was too short. After about 17 weeks after the initial installation my patience finally was broken by the constant lies, false promises and down right couldn't give a damn attitude, so I withheld the money for the granite which I refused to pay and finally got a decent kitchen company to come and fix all the problems that Kitchens Plus left us with. After speaking to the many fitters, plumbers, electricians etc. mine is not a one off complaint. Please, save yourself the heartache and DO NOT buy from this 2nd rate company.

Jarrow, Tyne and wear - February 2015

windows & doors replacement

workmanship was fine during installation

punctual & curtious

February 2014

we've had replacement lock fitted in the front door as original one was taking metal off the key whilst locking & now the door cannot be locked as it's out at top & bottom & have been kindly informed no-one available to come out over the weekend to fix I think this is shoddy practice & wouldn't recommend them to anyone

Newcastle upon tyne, - February 2015

I was very pleased with my kitchen units. The kitchen fitter was very hard working. The plasterers also did a good job so cannot fault the workers or the quality of the kitchen units. My only complaint is about the appliances, which I think are of poor quality.

Consett, County durham - January 2015

1st class this company looked after us from start to finish we had a kitchen and bathroom fitted

the service was brill, from the designer came to our home measured up give us some good ideas

we then went to the store he did a 3d design give us a good price with no pressure to buy we went back the next day and placed a order and from then on they look after us nothing was too much trouble the fitters

cleaned up every night. Very polite. Workmanship 1st class. 1 or 2 little problems marks on doors ect

but were put right before the end.

i would recommend this company to my friends and family .

Alnwick, Northumberland - December 2014

My wife and I arranged to meet a bathroom designer at our daughters house in Gateshead at 2pm on Thursday 11/12/14. No one turned up ! We went to the Gateshead branch to complain but got no satisfaction even though we pointed out that we had given up the whole day for this and travelled a round trip of

70 miles from our home in Alnwick, Northumberland. We asked to see the owner who was not available so on returning home we sent a detailed e mail to the owner since when we have had no reply. This company

wasted our time and money and we want no more to do with them. We would rate this company as zero stars but one star is the least that can be submitted. Beware.

Unknown Location - December 2014

Had a new kitchen fitted. The lad who fitted it was absolutely brilliant and a hard worker and I would highly recommend him. The team who removed the old kitchen and replastered it for us were excellent. We are very pleased with the finished result. Only gripe is in relation to a missing door which took numerous calls over 3weeks to resolve. This company needs to improve its customer care follow up. We had been given a date and time they would be be coming to fit the door when it arrived. On the day they were due to fit it they didn't turn up despite 2 further calls from myself that day to confirm they would be here, this isn't very acceptable.

Pleased to say the wonderful fitter sorted it for us.

Unknown Location - November 2014

It took 4 months to fit our kitchen, I have less storage space than before. I agree with all Mr J has said. I have written twice to say we will not pay the full amount because of all the hassle, but have had no reply. I have just sent an email, but looking at reviews here, I'm not too confident of getting an answer.

Newcastle upon tyne, - November 2014

The greatest get out for problems ever - you buy the kitchen from Kitchen's Plus but you pay a Fitter they send separately. That way if anything goes wrong - and it has with several aspects of the fitting - they blame the fitter and ask him for compensation!!


And when that Fitter does a terrible job, do they send round an Expert to fix it? No, they send the same guy back- they're not going to pay twice!!

I was going to buy only and get a trusted Tradesman of my own to fit it only to be told they had "terrible problems" with self fits and their Fitters knew the products.

Poor workmanship all round. Wish I'd stuck to my guns

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