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Mrs. Hackett
Cramlington, Northumberland - August 2014

Eventually after 2 months we have a 'finished' kitchen avoid this company if you have any sense. The salesman patter was complete lies not just the normal hype it was down right lies. The kitchen fitters were more interested in asking for cups of tea than doing the job and the end product was disgusting. The manager Derek Bolton told me in an email if I bad mouthed his company he would sue me, very professional. Customer service ha they don't know the meaning if the word, that ended the minute they had our £1500 deposit and a signed contract. After that they wanted every single workman paid separately , we had not been told that all workman would be contractors, the salesman led us to believe that they employed their own fitters who were qualified not some loud mouth with a limited knowledge of how a screwdriver worked.

All in all a disgusting service and a very poor job for £8000' dread to see the £2500 kitchen they brag about .

Would give minus 10 stars if option available as they really do not deserve even 1 star

Mrs. Pickard
Kenton, Newcastle Upon Tyne - July 2014

DO NOT TOUCH THIS COMPANY WITH BARGE POLE. Talk great things but provide nothing but excuses. Wrong items ordered/delivered. a bathroom re fit is now into 5th week still waiting for a sink, worktops and hinges for doors.Has to be the most UNPROFESSIONAL company I have ever dealt with.

Fitter excellent but he is contracted to company and he could only work with what had been delived in dribs and drabs. What has been finished is excellent.

Would rate no stars but cannot !!!!!

Mrs. Atkinson
North Shields, Tyne And Wear - June 2014

Well nearly 8 weeks and finally the kitchen is finished. However, 14 weeks and still no replacement toilet seat!

Mrs. Atkinson
North Shields, Tyne And Wear - May 2014

We signed for a main bathroom, en-suite, downstairs toilet, kitchen and utility room. Very competitive on price, no other company came close. However 13 weeks after the bathrooms were finished we are still waiting for a replacement toilet seat to be delivered and 7 weeks after the kitchen was started we are still waiting for it to be finished. Wondering if the cheap price was worth all the hassle!

Mr. Gowland
November 2013

We had a bathroom fit last December. We have had constant leaks ever since due to poor fitting. It has bee n very difficult to get anything put right and we found customer service very poor. We have now given up and asked another company to carry out repairs. The new plumber couldn't believe the poor quality and said several parts have bee n fitted incorrectly or are missing altogether. Over 30 years we have used various companies, this has definitely been the worst...steer well clear!

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