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Mr. Norman Tindall
Alnwick, Northumberland - December 2014

My wife and I arranged to meet a bathroom designer at our daughters house in Gateshead at 2pm on Thursday 11/12/14. No one turned up ! We went to the Gateshead branch to complain but got no satisfaction even though we pointed out that we had given up the whole day for this and travelled a round trip of

70 miles from our home in Alnwick, Northumberland. We asked to see the owner who was not available so on returning home we sent a detailed e mail to the owner since when we have had no reply. This company

wasted our time and money and we want no more to do with them. We would rate this company as zero stars but one star is the least that can be submitted. Beware.

Miss. H
Unknown Location - December 2014

Had a new kitchen fitted. The lad who fitted it was absolutely brilliant and a hard worker and I would highly recommend him. The team who removed the old kitchen and replastered it for us were excellent. We are very pleased with the finished result. Only gripe is in relation to a missing door which took numerous calls over 3weeks to resolve. This company needs to improve its customer care follow up. We had been given a date and time they would be be coming to fit the door when it arrived. On the day they were due to fit it they didn't turn up despite 2 further calls from myself that day to confirm they would be here, this isn't very acceptable.

Pleased to say the wonderful fitter sorted it for us.

Mrs. Hardisty
Unknown Location - November 2014

It took 4 months to fit our kitchen, I have less storage space than before. I agree with all Mr J has said. I have written twice to say we will not pay the full amount because of all the hassle, but have had no reply. I have just sent an email, but looking at reviews here, I'm not too confident of getting an answer.

Mr. J
Newcastle upon tyne, - November 2014

The greatest get out for problems ever - you buy the kitchen from Kitchen's Plus but you pay a Fitter they send separately. That way if anything goes wrong - and it has with several aspects of the fitting - they blame the fitter and ask him for compensation!!


And when that Fitter does a terrible job, do they send round an Expert to fix it? No, they send the same guy back- they're not going to pay twice!!

I was going to buy only and get a trusted Tradesman of my own to fit it only to be told they had "terrible problems" with self fits and their Fitters knew the products.

Poor workmanship all round. Wish I'd stuck to my guns

Mr. Shields
Chester le street, County durham - November 2014

Can't think of a worse company to deal with. Communication and customer service with this company is a appalling. STEER CLEAR!!!!!!

Mrs. Atkinson
North shields, Tyne and wear - August 2014

Previous comment should have 1 star not 5.

Review opens with 5 stars checked and I forgot to change it.

Mrs. Atkinson
North shields, Tyne and wear - August 2014

26 weeks and still waiting for replacement toilet seat!

Company are not responding to e-mails or returning phone calls messages.

Mrs. Pickard
Kenton, Newcastle Upon Tyne - July 2014

DO NOT TOUCH THIS COMPANY WITH BARGE POLE. Talk great things but provide nothing but excuses. Wrong items ordered/delivered. a bathroom re fit is now into 5th week still waiting for a sink, worktops and hinges for doors.Has to be the most UNPROFESSIONAL company I have ever dealt with.

Fitter excellent but he is contracted to company and he could only work with what had been delived in dribs and drabs. What has been finished is excellent.

Would rate no stars but cannot !!!!!

Mrs. Atkinson
North Shields, Tyne And Wear - June 2014

Well nearly 8 weeks and finally the kitchen is finished. However, 14 weeks and still no replacement toilet seat!

Mrs. Atkinson
North Shields, Tyne And Wear - May 2014

We signed for a main bathroom, en-suite, downstairs toilet, kitchen and utility room. Very competitive on price, no other company came close. However 13 weeks after the bathrooms were finished we are still waiting for a replacement toilet seat to be delivered and 7 weeks after the kitchen was started we are still waiting for it to be finished. Wondering if the cheap price was worth all the hassle!

Mr. Gowland
November 2013

We had a bathroom fit last December. We have had constant leaks ever since due to poor fitting. It has bee n very difficult to get anything put right and we found customer service very poor. We have now given up and asked another company to carry out repairs. The new plumber couldn't believe the poor quality and said several parts have bee n fitted incorrectly or are missing altogether. Over 30 years we have used various companies, this has definitely been the worst...steer well clear!

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