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April 2014

The door itself looks fabulous,We've not seen anything better,however the actual lock has never been good since we had the door installed two or three years ago.A fitter came out to it maybe 18 months ago and it was O.K.for a while but for a long while now sometimes you put the key in it and it works as it should do "smoothly",other times it takes quite a while ( we sometimes think we are using the wrong key) I have fitted the two previous hardwood doors myself (that lasted over 30 yrs,) and NEVER had any trouble with the locks! I'm more than surprised that with a door of this alleged quality; on many,(if not most ) times is so hard to lock?unlock.I actually feel slightly embarrassed when I'm trying to lock/unlock the door, when it's playing up -It's a bit like having a" Roller" that won't start first time!

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