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Preston, - August 2016

We had windows fitted to our home with direct windows and from the salesman Joe to the fitter tom our experience was excellent , no pressure selling , excellent surveyer , and the fitters did an excellent job , no mess and very friendly , The quality of the windows is excellent and Joe the salesman suggested no top openers im glad he did as it has made a tremendous difference to our outlook and light coming into our rooms, really happy with our whole purchase from start to end and the price was excellent too. Well done direct windows.

Bolton, - August 2016

We had a conservatory fitted just this past week.

We found they were on time pleasant and we are very pleased, even the follow up work done by the plasterer was done to a good standard. I was particularly pleased with the surveyor James who suggested a couple of things which we had not thought of and have turned out really well. On the whole we are very pleased and would recommend the company.

Preston, - July 2016

The brickie was wonderful . The ground work boys were fantastic. The plastics people have mucked us around for 12 weeks now. When they tell you 2 weeks max do not believe them. My conservatory is still not finished. And no contact from the company at all

Blackpool, - July 2016

We have just had a conservatory built. The whole process from design to install was completed in a quick and professional manner. Would recommend Direct Windows and will use them again. Thankyou

Preston, - July 2016

The installation of my door and surrounding frame was carried out in an efficient clean manner and I am delighted with the finished installation. In fact, next door ordered the same installation. It greatly improves the appearance of my semi detached house and due to the large size of the surrounding frame, the much improved heat loss rating makes my hallway warmer.

Thornton-cleveleys, Lancashire - July 2016

Just had a new back door and kitchen window fitted. I would like to say how pleased i am with these and how professional the whole experience was. The surveyor who came was extremely helpful and the fitter great. Fantastic job with a great firm. Would recommend them any time and will be having more work done soon.

Blackburn, - June 2016

The director that came to ours to give us the quote was a proper pretentious grandiose sort of a guy and if we hadn't have already used this company before we would have sent him well on his way. However the price was right and having used them before we knew the quality would be right. On the day the fitters were great and cleaned up well after them selves, and the 2 x French doors we had fitted look fantastic and operate well.

Lytham st. annes, Lancashire - June 2016

New side garage door/window fitted this week, looks great and quality superb. Fitter very pleasant and cleaned up after completing the installation. Both of us extremelly pleased with the direct window experience.

Blackburn, - June 2016

Had a window and door fitted today. The fitter did a good job and was polite and friendly. The door and window are very good quality and look well. The service we received from direct Windows has been of the highest standard from start to finish. Nothing was too much trouble and all requests we had were more than met.

We will definitely use direct Windows again and we will highly recommend this company to our family and friends.

Many thanks for all your excellent service.

Lorraine and David Miles

Blackpool, - June 2016

I forgot, yesterday when I wrote my review, to give you 5 gold stars!!

Blackburn, - September 2015


We had a sales rep come out and was very hard to get rid of, he couldn't understand we just wanted a quote, and had other companies visiting in the next few days for further quotes. They were adamant my other half had promised to sign their contract, without even seeing it. The man got very resistant to leave and rung MIKE at the Blackpool office. This man then bullied my other half over the phone, telling her she is a timewaster and lied to them. He shouted down the phone and upset her, to that point I then took over the phone call. He spent another 3-4 minutes ranting and raving before realizing it was now me.

We signed the contract under duress, it was the only way to get the sales rep to leave peacefully. I then rang the next day to cancel and say no, I was then shouted at, called rude names and left feeling very angry at Mike's attitude today to cancelling. I would NEVER recommend this company to anyone.

Company Response

Hi its Mike, I am obviously disappointed to read this review, following the email from yourselves it was clear you were need of help as you had signed a contract and paid a deposit to another company who then reneged on your agreement as they could not undertake the building work element you needed. During our telephone conversation you asked if we could visit ASAP as you didn't want your cancellation period with the other company to expire, on your email and during our conversation you stated that if we could carry out the work that the other firm now couldn't at an agreeable price that you would be happy to place and order with us and cancel the other. Given your circumstances and the fears you told me about I advised that I could send one of our advisors straight away to help you out of your situation. During the appointment we were able to meet all of your requirements at a price you were happy with, so an order form was completed and signed and we did not request a deposit to make you feel more comfortable with the process, the agreement with myself was that if you were unable to cancel the previous order then we would not process yours, this agreement was made in line with your email our telephone call and the fact we were able to do the work you needed without cutting corners. This morning you rang me to say you wanted to cancel your order with us, but not because you were unable to cancel the previous order, but because I had upset your partner, during the appointment we spoke on the phone and you expressed concern about potentially having signed two orders with two companies, which is when I advised that I would not process your paperwork until you confirmed with me that your old one was cancelled, this was done to speed up the process and to avoid a re-visit costing yourselves and my agent more time. When we spoke this morning I advised that as promised I had not processed your paperwork and was waiting on your call to say if you had been able to cancel your contract with the other company successfully. I find this review personally upsetting as at no point during any communication have shouted or have I called anybody rude names, or bullied anybody. We were in your property at your request to help you out of a situation which you found difficult to resolve. I fear that I/we may be being tarred here with the same brush as other hard sell and somewhat disrespecting companies, this is simply not the case. Your order has been cancelled as per your request and we wish you all the best. Please see below the initial email from yourselves, which we have on record. Message: We are looking at getting most of the windows replaced in our house with the A-rated window, and also a front door (but the door would also need to be widened, its extremely narrow as it is) We actually have an order in place with another company but they are now saying they can't supply the work needed to the front door, so I am looking for someone to come out quickly to my property and do a quote for 6/7 windows and 1 door, and if its cheaper than our other quote we will cancel the order with the other company

Blackpool, - June 2015


Just an update on last review which I left 2 stars for but is showing 4. We made an offer to this company of £135 under the original cost for all the inconvenience that was caused. An amended bill for this amount was hand delivered to my house. Today the encapsulated top windows have been fitted by a lovely workman with no problems apart from the company sent him to receive a final payment of a £135 more than what was due. Lucky we had all receipts of what was paid and the amended bill. He was happy to accept the payment that was due on the amended bill and I am still waiting on the big bunch of flower I was promised for all the inconvenience.

Blackpool, - June 2015


Job to be done was a bay window, 1 composite door and cap 2 small windowsills.

Day 1. Arrived with no door as it wasn't ready. A bay window pane was damaged so had to be boarded. Didn't have enough materials to do the 2 small windowsills or finish the bay sill or the panels on inside of window.

Day 2. Arrived with door and cracked the arch glass panel. The pane above the door was not leaded to match door glass as requested but did manage to finish wndow and sill. Wouldn't put blinds back up as afraid to damage windows so we had to pay hillarys to come back and fit blinds and they had problems fitting them because of the way the window was left.

Day 3. Replaced cracked arch glass in door and then cracked glass panel above the door. Not one phone call to apolagise from this company and to be then told they don't do compensation. A joke.

Day 4. Pane of leaded glass above door finally fitted. The door doesn't look completely straight but they say its the house. The previous door looked fine.

Coppull, Chorley, Lancashire - April 2014

The door itself looks fabulous,We've not seen anything better,however the actual lock has never been good since we had the door installed two or three years ago.A fitter came out to it maybe 18 months ago and it was O.K.for a while but for a long while now sometimes you put the key in it and it works as it should do "smoothly",other times it takes quite a while ( we sometimes think we are using the wrong key) I have fitted the two previous hardwood doors myself (that lasted over 30 yrs,) and NEVER had any trouble with the locks! I'm more than surprised that with a door of this alleged quality; on many,(if not most ) times is so hard to lock?unlock.I actually feel slightly embarrassed when I'm trying to lock/unlock the door, when it's playing up -It's a bit like having a" Roller" that won't start first time!

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Miss. Jane Crawshaw, Blackpool, June 2016

"I forgot, yesterday when I wrote my review, to give you 5 gold stars!! "

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