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Blackpool, - June 2015


Just an update on last review which I left 2 stars for but is showing 4. We made an offer to this company of £135 under the original cost for all the inconvenience that was caused. An amended bill for this amount was hand delivered to my house. Today the encapsulated top windows have been fitted by a lovely workman with no problems apart from the company sent him to receive a final payment of a £135 more than what was due. Lucky we had all receipts of what was paid and the amended bill. He was happy to accept the payment that was due on the amended bill and I am still waiting on the big bunch of flower I was promised for all the inconvenience.

Blackpool, - June 2015


Job to be done was a bay window, 1 composite door and cap 2 small windowsills.

Day 1. Arrived with no door as it wasn't ready. A bay window pane was damaged so had to be boarded. Didn't have enough materials to do the 2 small windowsills or finish the bay sill or the panels on inside of window.

Day 2. Arrived with door and cracked the arch glass panel. The pane above the door was not leaded to match door glass as requested but did manage to finish wndow and sill. Wouldn't put blinds back up as afraid to damage windows so we had to pay hillarys to come back and fit blinds and they had problems fitting them because of the way the window was left.

Day 3. Replaced cracked arch glass in door and then cracked glass panel above the door. Not one phone call to apolagise from this company and to be then told they don't do compensation. A joke.

Day 4. Pane of leaded glass above door finally fitted. The door doesn't look completely straight but they say its the house. The previous door looked fine.

April 2014

The door itself looks fabulous,We've not seen anything better,however the actual lock has never been good since we had the door installed two or three years ago.A fitter came out to it maybe 18 months ago and it was O.K.for a while but for a long while now sometimes you put the key in it and it works as it should do "smoothly",other times it takes quite a while ( we sometimes think we are using the wrong key) I have fitted the two previous hardwood doors myself (that lasted over 30 yrs,) and NEVER had any trouble with the locks! I'm more than surprised that with a door of this alleged quality; on many,(if not most ) times is so hard to lock?unlock.I actually feel slightly embarrassed when I'm trying to lock/unlock the door, when it's playing up -It's a bit like having a" Roller" that won't start first time!

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