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Mr. Obinna Nwafor
Weybridge, Surrey - November 2014

Britelite did a brilliant job. I will definitely recommend them. Sorry but please avoid the likes of Anglian and Everest who quoted twice the price and we began playing games of bidding. Brit elite sales guy Mark did not far around at all. I have now recommended them to two other friends.

Workmanship was good, the the finishing on the render could have been better if the fellows paid a bit more attention to detail. I still have achieved window which I hope they will come and fix.

They were punctual and flexible, even when my windows were not widened on time by the builder they came back the second time.

Mr. Finch
Margate, Kent - November 2014

One window replaced to be triple glazed at end of property.

4 separate times/dates given for installation.....

When installed, quick,clean and efficient. Am happy with the window standard, look and efficiency.

Filled in the QA stuff immediately back to the MD but no guarantee yet received- 10 weeks and counting.

Gravesend, Kent - November 2014

good service from beginning to end, very swift with the installation only disappointing thing is that I would recommend that anyone using them make sure you are 100% with what you want, I came into the finances to replace an extra window but the price quoted for just adding one window after agreeing to the works was ridiculous and basically penalises you for trying to give them more business which was disappointing

Mr. Shahad Choudhury
Grays, Essex - October 2014

Perfect Sale. no pushy sales man, no stupid sales tactics, no coming back with a better offer week after week etc . one price at the start, which was in the end £100 more than the cheapest offer. but I still went with britlite cos the price was given at the start, and didn't require weeks of bartering and negotiating down. i got the sense that even though others did end up giving me cheaper price, they were initially trying to rip me off to the amount of £500. Britlite was honest from the start, so i trusted them more to do a better job on installation.

installation, nothing to say really. It was good and very professional. neat and tidy install. As Expected.

Mrs. Bale
Ashtead, Surrey - September 2014

Having ordered a new front door for our flat in Roehampton on 12th June, we were slightly disappointed that it did not arrive until 16th September. We had to chase to get a fitting date, which was then postponed. However, now that the door is in place we are very pleased with it. The workmanship was good and the workmen punctual and courteous.

Mr. Taft
Maidstone, Kent - July 2014

We are still awaiting the fitting of our triple glazed windows, which we expecting to have fitted on and around the 11th of August 2014. The choice of Britelite was not difficult the sales manager came over as the most professional during the quotation phase and did not immediately press for a sale like other companies, we are looking forward to the fitters arriving and the work commencing to improve our home.

Mrs. Herrington
Gravesend, Kent - July 2014

On replacing 2 conservatory windows the installers were quick and efficient, offered advice and cleaned up after themselves. A good job, well done.

Miss. Cory
July 2014

A big job over 4 days, done to a high standard. Snagging issues resolved when highlighted, waiting for 3 panels to be replaced once re-produced, due to scratch and marks in-between the panes of glass done at the factory not by the fitters.

Would highly recommend.

Miss. Piederriere
July 2014

A sales representative came within a couple of weeks. No hard sale. However, I had to ask him to provide me with details such as profile and glass manufacturer, type of glass, u values, confirmation that they were virgin plastic, steel reinforced and that they had their own installers as opposed to subcontractors, etc. For a salesman, I felt he didn't really sell it. He didn't even offer to show a sample. The price was within other quotes range.

Miss. Florey
Chatham, Kent - June 2014

2 sets of brand new windows and window ledges installed in conservatory.

All looks very nice but had to be called back because as far as I am concerned, the handles were put on the wrong way round.

The Person who installed the windows was punctual and courteous.

The initial job was completed the same day as it was started but had to wait a while for someone to return to change the handles around.

Mrs. Wendy Kirby
Bean, Dartford - June 2014

A specific window was inquired about, a representative visited within the week, not for hours on end, like some others had done with a lot of blurb, gave me a quote within 30 mins for my specific needs.

I placed the order, and asked for it to be put on hold until the building was done. No problem, job done and dusted. If only Councils worked as fast!!!

Mrs. Plume
May 2014

Asked for a quote - due to domestic/caring responsibilities haven't been able to look into this further at the moment

Helpful and came on time

Mrs. Conlan
May 2014

I first used Britelite Windows in 2007 when I had a porch fitted. I was so pleased with their work that I had them back in April this year to have 6 triple glazed windows installed. The two workmen that came were very polite and worked hard to make sure the job was finished in a day. There was a problem with the glass in one window and also one of the window boards had been damaged in transit, which they reported that day, and a week later someone else came round and replaced both to my satisfaction. Very pleased with the windows although I wouldn't recommend having vents put in if you live on a busy road as I do, especially as you can lock the windows very slightly open for ventilation. All in all, I am very pleased and would definitely use them again and recommend them to friends and family.

Mrs. Newell
Chatham, Kent - May 2014

New windows and doors, very pleased with the work. Fitters were punctual and courteous and the work was carried out at the beginning of April 2014

Mr. G
May 2014

Weve used Britelite twice, once in August last year and again in March. The first time we had two triple-glazed windows and the front door, the second time another three windows and the back door. Both times we found the salesman good, not pushy and gave us a straightforward price without a lot of messing around haggling, unlike some others we had quotes from. We had a slight problem with the first installation in that the fitters said the glass units were slightly too thick so although they got them in they had problems fitting the plastic glazing strips that hold them in place. They re-ordered the glass and another fitter came to put it in, however he didnt do a great job and the glazing strips still werent lined up well at the corners so I had to reject. They eventually sent the same guy back again to re-do, this time he did a better job. So we were pleased with the end result, less happy that it took three visits to get it right. However we decided to use them again to get the rest of the windows done, no problems this time, fitters were polite and efficient. I asked for the original installation date to be changed at short notice due to bad weather forecast, they changed it with no quibble. Were pleased with the new windows, we used to get a lot of condensation on our old double glazed bedroom window, none at all now. Also like it that the windows can be locked slightly open for ventilation, good for our toddlers bedroom.

Ickenham, Uxbridge, Middlesex - May 2014

windows and doors triple glaze

very very good


24 march 2014

Mr. Clayson
Sellindge, Ashford, Kent - May 2014

2 Windows needed packing

Very quick and professional

Dead on time and very polite

28 April 2014

Mrs. Turner
May 2014

We had the downstairs windows replaced and the back door and patio doors. Whilst the quality is good I felt that we were squeezed in at Britelite's convenience not ours. The two workmen were courteous and tidy but both days they were late which apparently was due to staffing problems but on the second day I had to contact Britelite to find out where they were. Unfortunately, I was unable to inspect their work on the second day as I was at work. As a consequence I have had to ring Britelite for a call back which took two phone calls to achieve and I have to wait until the end of May. The work was carried out on 14th and 15th April. Despite this I would still recommend Britlite but if they offer to fit in the installation quicker than the original estimate be cautious.

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