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Middleton, Manchester



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Manchester, - January 2016

Atonic fitted my windows and doors in late 2014. I cannot contact the Manager. My windows especially in bedroom are totally steamed up because the double glazing is rubbish. The warm air from inside should not contact cold from outside. If anyone knows his new number please let me know via email

Bury, Lancashire - February 2013

This company has gone into liquidation, how do I know because after having work done by them we had problems with the new door they fitted.

It took over 50 phone calls and e-mails to get a response from the director Mr Nicholas Alan Paphitis only for him to tell us they had gone into Liquidation and they could not do anything for us. Mind you I do not believe them but I will keep trying to get my door repaired.

This is Atonic Double Glazing,1 Elizabeth st, Pendelbury, Swinton, Manchester,

M27 6BZ Note Postcode M24 1FX is his private address in Middleton Manchester

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Mr & Mrs White, OLDHAM February 2011

"Fantastic sevice and the doors look amazing. Would definitely recommend to anybody!!"

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