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Bournemouth, - June 2016

Do not ever allow Anglian to do any work at your home. We ordered a conservatory with them in September 2014 for installation the following August. They came and did the first survey for building control in January and got the dimensions wrong. So wrong that the conservatory would not have fitted within the space available. We then heard nothing from them until I called the office 3 weeks before start date chasing them for the final survey and their reply was that they had no knowledge of our order. They sent a man round the next day to measure again, only to get it wrong again. I explained to him that we had taken time off work for the build which was due to start on Monday 24th August 2015 (in 3 weeks time) and that it had to be done within that time period, as agreed. I checked with the office again on the Thursday before the start date and they said everything was in place to start. NO-ONE TURNED UP ON MONDAY. NO PHONE CALL. NO APOLGY. We then cancelled the order after losing all faith in Anglian.

They then proceeded to take us to court for cancelling. This cost us £6945 for them to NOT to turn up and build a conservatory.

Anglian are, at best, scam merchants who have no idea of customer service, management of jobs, or business ethics.

My advice to anyone who is reading this, do not under any circumstances allow Anglian into your home and never enter into any form of contract with them.

October 2012

I asked for a quote for new windows but when the sales office called me to make an appointment they immediately started high pressure selling. When I said I just wanted a quote and wouldn't be making a decision there and then he told me he wasn't prepared to come round. Charming!

November 2011

Do not use this company. They use high pressure sales tactics - so last century!

And they're way over priced.

Coventry - November 2011

I had problems with my front door for over a week and the back door had problems too. They took a long time to respond to my complaint and offered no customer care.

The management team are unprofessional and do not know what they're doing.


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Mr. B, Norwich November 2011

"We knew that your work was good, after looking at one of our neighbours who recommended you. After much thought we decided to give your company the order. We are very pleased with the whole job, and would recommend you without hesitation."

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